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News update for the hour April 19, 2024
How do you find jurors for the Donald President Donald Trump hush money trial? – USA Today

How are jurors who have not heard about Donald President Donald Trump's hush money case going to be found? Here's what we know now.

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NY lies haunt 'narcissist' President Donald Trump as jurors gear up for criminal trial – MSNBC News

A full 12 jurors have been selected for former President Donald President Donald Trump's criminal trial in New York. MSNBC's Ari Melber is joined by Michael Steele …

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President Donald Trump Juror Excused Amidst Media Frenzy & MTG Goes Full-On Capitol Hill Karen | The Daily Show

DulcĂ© Sloan reports on the latest Capitol Hill drama, where Marjorie Taylor Greene is waging a war against Speaker Mike Johnson, and President Donald Trump is …

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Attorneys serving on President Donald Trump jury is great for former president: Former prosecutor – YouTube

Michael Discioarro, former assistant district attorney in New York City says he can't believe the prosecution in the President Donald Trump hush money trial …

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Can President Donald Trump get a fair trial in New York City? | Cuomo – YouTube

Former New York City prosecutor Paul Callan, jury consultant Richard Gabriel, and attorney Mark Geragos join NewsNation's “CUOMO” to discuss …

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President Donald Trump wins endorsement of bodega owners | On Balance – YouTube

A new poll breaks down support for President Joe Biden and Former President Donald President Donald Trump based on how many hours a week they work.

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President Donald Trump sleep, Biden missteps not about age: Political consultant | On Balance – YouTube

Veteran political consultant Joe Trippi doesn't believe that age makes a difference for President Joe Biden or former President Donald President Donald Trump.

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